Without Further Ado, I'd like to Announce this year's recipient ...

Don't yawn. We've all been there at awards ceremonies. Sometimes hopeful that our own name will be called, or at least NOT that jerk in the next office who gets all the recognition. Sometimes the ceremonies go on forever ... sometimes they are short and sweet. Maybe it's in a school auditorium, or a hotel ballroom. But one thing that is almost always the same is the look of the "award." Dull. Boring. Predictable

Wait a minute. Shouldn't the award itself elicit ooooohs and aaaaaahs from the crowd? Shouldn't everyone want to see it up close to see how COOL it is? To see what makes it special? Or is it another wooden plaque with a gold plate and someone's name? Is it a framed piece of paper saying "we think you're swell?"  You can bet the person or awards committee who has to come up with a unique award every year is trying to think of something different, too. They are STUCK. In. A. Rut. They didn't think of a Snow Globe.

We're not surprised at Snow Globe Central, that we've been seeing an upswing in people ordering custom Snow Globe awards. The custom snow globe award can have a miniature of the fancy diploma or certificate, it can have a photo of the recipient. Heck, it can have the recipient's DOG, if that's what you think is meaningful. People sometimes think all we can put inside is photos, front and back, but we can reproduce digital artwork, or anything you've printed on a standard size piece of paper. (Just scan it and send to us, we'll size it for you to fit the globe.) If it's flat, it will fit.

The award snow globe can still have unique shakeable confetti shapes that match the award or recognition, too. Make the "shake" match the award and personality. Is this person the company "star?" Then choose silver confetti stars to swim and float around the inner photo. Is this person a standout volunteer or educator with a big heart? We have several shapes and colors of confetti hearts so your award recipient can "feel the love."  Is the award for selling the most cookies? Ummmmm ... okay, give them black dot confetti and say they represent chocolate chips! Yeah, it's a stretch, but it's still FUN in the Snow Globe!

Unlike a framed certificate or lucite award or wooden plaque, the unique aspect of the snow globe award is that the recipient will continue to pick it up, give it a shake, and smile each time they watch the swirling glitter and confetti make a magic show, dipping and dancing, and settling again, ready for the next performance in the custom Snow Globe liquid.

The custom engraved plate is always elegant: you can name the recipient, the award, the years of service ... it's up to you. And if you have a LOT to say, you can have a different engraved plate on the front and back of the Snow Globe. The online order form makes it super-simple to add a second engraved plate if you wish.

If you know a person worthy of a special award, don't settle for the wood plaque or the framed certificate. Go the extra step and design a fully custom, personalized snow globe award. Because we think the award should reflect how special and valuable this person really is.

Get ideas for a Snow Globe in the gallery section which shows many Snow Globes.

Snow Globe Central
June 6, 2011

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