Repair your globe? It was our pleasure

There's something pretty special about hearing back from a satisfied customer, and young Steele was no exception.
While some kids cuddle a teddy bear or like to hold a particular blanket, Steele had a favorite snow globe.

Luckily, someone clever saved all the broken parts, packed them carefully and sent them to Snow Globe Central, where we were able to put this Humpty Dumpty of a snow globe all back together. We'd like to say pretty close to "good as new." Because while we like to make custom snow globes, when we can repair a broken snow globe -- one that has special and sentimental meaning -- is a great feeling, too.

Here's what Steele had to say about his repaired snow globe:

Thank you for fixing my snow globe.

And Steele? It was our pleasure.

Repair details can be seen at,

Snow Globe Central
April 2, 2015

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  • Mary C.frias on

    My anniversary glow broke the glass around it and I was inquiring how I could go about paying to get it fixed. Could somebody please call me at 443-969-1803 my name is Mary Frias. Thank you and have a blessed day.

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