Oh no! My Snow Globe broke!

It happens every year: Folks take out their favorite holiday decorations and discover a treasured snow globe hasn't weathered the storm. It might have become cloudy, or the liquid may have turned orange, or perhaps the glass globe itself is broken! We will gladly work with you to turn that heart-wrenching moment into a renewed smile of joy. If your holiday just doesn't feel complete without this particular globe, Snow Globe Central repair can come to the rescue. We repair GLASS globes, and work hard to make special snow globes look as good as new. Please check out our specifics, including glass sizes and repair/shipping costs, to see if your broken/damaged or cloudy globe can be repaired. We have a special section on Snow Globe repairs that answers most of your questions, so that little piece of your holiday can be restored. http://www.snowglobecentral.com/snow-globe-repair/ Feel free to contact us if you have a question you don't see answered on the website.


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November 16, 2017

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  • Linda Williamson on

    I have a PartyLite P7922 Olde World Village Tealight Globe that blows snow and has a windup moving Santa/Reindeer on a separate collar with music. The water has browned and is cloudy but I’m having a great deal of trouble trying to find the rubber plug. I found a hard plastic knob over rubber and wonder if this is it but can’t see the outer edge due to the collar. Can someone help me?

  • Michelle on

    I have a very sentimental snow globe with a broken ceramic base. Everything else is fine. Is this something you can help me with? Thank you

  • Anne on

    Do you carry out repairs for customers outside the USA I live in England

  • Meissa on

    Hello I was hoping you could help me with a broken snow globe that means a lot to my daughter. I can send photos? Thank you so much

  • James B. on

    5 Stars! After shopping around and finding a competitor who charges double I was very pleased to see the reasonable repair costs offered here for my most valued treasure. I submitted an email with photos prior to shipping to confirm they would be able to repair my snow globe. Reid contacted me and he is amazing! Great fella and after speaking with him I feel like he is a great friend even though I have never even met the guy. I shipped my snow globe in a plastic gallon bag well packaged in bubble wrap and popcorn peanuts. Reid promptly called me once the item was received to go over the repair and to take my preferred payment over the phone. I reached out via email shortly after because I had a few additional questions, Reid was quick to get me the answers. I wanted to insure the package for more than the standard coverage and Reid was happy to accommodate for the standard UPS fee to do so. The repair took 1 week (5 business days) much shorter than the stated 15 days. I received the package back yesterday and WOW! just WOW! My snow globe is beautiful, brand new, looks just as good if not better as the first day I purchased it. I highly recommend this company. Price is fair, service is prompt and quality is excellent. If I had to leave any feedback it would have been great if they would have provided a photo of the completed item via email when it shipped. But the excitement and anticipation made it feel like Christmas morning and I was not disappointed. This company is now my go-to for all snow-globe repairs!

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