Oh no! My Snow Globe broke!

It happens every year: Folks take out their favorite holiday decorations and discover a treasured snow globe hasn't weathered the storm. It might have become cloudy, or the liquid may have turned orange, or perhaps the glass globe itself is broken! We will gladly work with you to turn that heart-wrenching moment into a renewed smile of joy. If your holiday just doesn't feel complete without this particular globe, Snow Globe Central repair can come to the rescue. We repair GLASS globes, and work hard to make special snow globes look as good as new. Please check out our specifics, including glass sizes and repair/shipping costs, to see if your broken/damaged or cloudy globe can be repaired. We have a special section on Snow Globe repairs that answers most of your questions, so that little piece of your holiday can be restored. http://www.snowglobecentral.com/snow-globe-repair/ Feel free to contact us if you have a question you don't see answered on the website.


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November 16, 2017

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  • Jenna on

    My favourite snow globe broke, the glass is not broken the base is, I do not want to replace the base. The figure in the globe has come off and is now just swimming in the water. Will you be able to fix it and for what cost?

  • Carolyn on

    My snow globe fell and the globe broke into pieces. How do I measure so I can get the right globe so I can fix it and how do I fix it

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