Confetti Mailbag: We get Questions!

We get lots and lots of questions, and often it's about confetti. "Do I really get to CHOOSE the confetti that goes in my snow globe?" People are so excited to see the many choices they have in designing their own custom snow globe, sometimes the selection of confetti shapes makes it hard for people to decide. Here are a few confetti questions we've received recently.

Dear Snow Globe Central:

I'm almost ready to order some Christmas Snow Globes for my family. I saw all the confetti choices and couldn't decide where to start. Can you tell me which are the most popular confetti designs to float inside a holiday snow globe?

Conflicted about Confetti:

Dear Conflicted:

As you've discovered, Snow Globe Central has more than 50 types of confetti shapes that can be selected for your custom-made snow globe. 

But since you are asking about "holiday" themes, we can narrow down the choices to make it easier for you.

You may choose any confetti, of course, or combine two confetti shapes. Here are some popular holiday or winter themed confetti shapes:

Angels (silver or pearlized), Bells, Crosses, Doves, Crushed Ice, Stars of David, Silver Stars, Snow flecks (silver or white), and shimmery powder in white or silver.

However, we've seen quite a few "holiday snow globes" that use other confetti combinations. One of the most popular in recent weeks is combining the open silver hearts with the solid white hearts. While there are always a few people who want "just snow please" (and we are happy to accommodate those requests), we see a lot of custom snow globe designs where people have matched part of the photograph to the confetti choice, such as a bell design on a sweater getting the silver bells confetti, or an evening photograph in front of a holiday tree being matched with micro silver stars.

Happy designing!

Holiday Snow Globes

Snow Globe Central

December 9, 2011

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  • Dorett Alleyne on

    Can you make a snow globe with picture inside, but have a Christmas theme with snow?

  • Carol on

    I have the Christopher Radko xmas snowman with a black top hat.
    I need to find the sparkles or snow for the globe. Can you send me some, or where to purchase
    Carol Moreno 22 Jane St
    Closter, NJ 07624

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