In the Pink, True Blue & Red Hot.

If we told you how long we have been making custom Snow Globes, we’d tell you more about our ages than you need to know, but rest assured, it’s been a long, long time. A very long time of making Snow Globes.

 And for almost all of those years, we’ve had to say “sorry, we can’t” when someone asked if we could put colored confetti into the Snow Globes. The reason is the dyes used in Mylar party confetti are not stable, and over time when we would test them, the dye ended up leaching into the Snow Globe liquid. This is fine if you WANTED a purple liquid Snow Globe, but if you wanted the clear liquid you ordered, the dyed liquid was not a good thing.

 So we stuck with interesting shapes (from dancing couple silhouettes, to race cars, to Scotty dog confetti) and the safe options in black, white and silver confetti, which did not bleed dye into the Snow Globe liquid.

 But now we can say, “YES WE CAN!”  This is because one of our confetti manufacturers has introduced heart-shaped confetti in several colors, that from all testing, has proved to be color-stable. You can now have shimmery pink hearts, sparkly sky blue hearts, and even fiery red iridescent hearts in the Snow Globe.

 All of these new confetti choices for the Snow Globe are shown on our confetti gallery, and you may order the new colored hearts, or choose original shapes in black/white/silver, or mix old and new confetti shapes together to create your special Snow Globe look.

 Think of the possibilities: blue hearts and silver dots; red hearts and white doves; even soft pink hearts with silver kissy lips in that Snow Globe.

 At Snow Globe Central, the confetti choice is all yours.

For more ideas for your Snow Globe go the Gallery pages to get ideas on Custom Snow Globes.



Snow Globe Central
May 31, 2011

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