We like old things: Snow Globes, Souvenir Water Domes and Sentimental Gifts

Hey! we're talking about snow globes and snow domes and very old souvenirs.
Although Snow Globe Central is primarily known for making brand new beautiful one-of-a-kind custom snow globes, we also help people out once in a while by repairing their sentimental snow globes that are leaking, broken, or other wise in need of repair.  Sadly, we can't fix every globe that is broken, but we will take a look at your photos or description and do our best. 

(As a quick note, the cost of repairing an older snow globe is typically much more than purchasing a similar snow globe. Why? for one thing, putting them together in the first place is easier than trying to remove and replace broken pieces. And some designs are glued together after the globe is filled and risk additional breakage when we try to repair. Some glass globes are unusual sizes which may have been hand-blown and are no longer available. It takes one person several hours to reconstruct and older globe, so ... sometimes we just can't do it, and when we can, it can be expensive.)
Which brings us to our other point of the day. When we CAN'T fix a snow globe, sometimes people ask us if we have any idea how to replace an older globe. Say you were housesitting for your mother-in-law and knocked a favorite off the shelf. Before she gets back from Bora-Bora, you want to know: where can I get another one?
Well, first try the obvious places, such as Ebay and other online auction houses. You'd be surprised how often we check Ebay for a photo of a globe we are repairing to get the pieces just right. 
But for older globes, and vintage souvenir snow domes (especially plastic, which we cannot repair at Snow Globe Central) you might try this resource:


The link to Andy's site is : http://www.andyzito.com/snowdomes/
He often has unusual, interesting and antique snow globes. We can't promise you'll find exactly the snow globe or snow dome to replace the one that was broken, but you might get lucky.
Andy Zito also writes for the ** I Antiques On Line site for Vintage Snow Dome Collectors **
And if you can't find EXACTLY the snow globe or water dome that was broken, you can always get a new (or antique) one as a "I'm really sorry I broke your snow globe" gesture.  Or feel free to have Snow Globe Central make you a brand new one. Find a photo of Bora Bora, if you like, and we'll create one just for you. A custom snow globe means never having to say "I'm REALLY sorry about that" ... because you can give them something new and pretty to put on the shelf.
Good luck - may all your snow globes fall softly on the feather pillows of life.

Snow Globe Central
June 13, 2011

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