What You Buy in Vegas, Gets Repaired in Denver

Got a great voice mail recently.

The voice on the other end of the line said, "This is Fast Eddie and all I got to say is that the repair you did on my Vegas globe is incredible. You made it look better than when I bought it. I'm going to use you for gifts in the future, since your quality is great. Thank you again for your great service."

We can't repair every snow globe that breaks, so we always ask that you call or email us before you send a broken globe. Fast Eddie's globe had a common problem: the finish on the interior piece (a sculpture of the Las Vegas skyline) was not sealed properly, and over time, the color began to leak into the liquid and discolored the whole globe until it looked like a permanent rusty wreck.

Take a look. Here are three dirty, cloudy or rusty globes we received that all needed to be fixed. Las Vegas is in the middle, and you can't even tell what's inside the globe, as the liquid is extremely discolored.

Next, we break the glass. There's no other way to get the "bad" liquid out and fix the globe, so it's carefully broken and all the glass pieces removed.

Then, the interior gets good old-fashioned TLC, with some gentle brushing with a soft bristle brush, and rinsed repeatedly until the discoloration is removed (as much as possible. We do have to note that sometimes an interior is stained and cannot be completely cleaned. It happens, especially with metal pieces or very cheap paint which dissolves in the liquid over time.)

After cleaning, a new glass globe is fixed and the pristine water restored. We add the confetti closest to what was in the original, or the customer can choose from our selection of more than 50 shapes and colors of confetti, snow and sparkles.

This is what it looked like, as Fast Eddie said, "better than when I bought it."

Snow Globe Central
March 14, 2012

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