In Praise of Mothers

happy mothers day snow globe

Around the turn of the last century, before indoor plumbing was common, someone taught my great-grandfather this little ditty about Mothers:
Who took me from my nice warm cot
and put me on that ice-cold pot
whether I had to go ... or not!
My Mother!
Yes, being a mom can be a thankless job, but just in case you are the forgetful type, Snow Globe Central is here to remind you that it's ALWAYS a good idea to remember your mom on this day. Year-round is even better, but you can make Mother's Day extra special by writing your mom a special poem, or stealing the one above.
Think your mom would prefer something a little more sentimental? Sweet even? Okay, forget the poem and go for a Custom Snow Globe by Snow Globe Central. A photo of mommy and her young child will melt her heart. A picture of her teenagers - always a handful and always loved for it - is a wonderful way to say "we love you, mom, even if we don't always take out the trash the first time you ask."
Whether the mom in your life is just learning the ropes, or has become a grandmother, she will love that you took the extra steps to create a one-of-a-kind Custom Snow Globe just for her.
And if you want to add a little poem? Don't forget: Snowglobe Central custom Snow Globes can be personalized even more with the addition of an engraved plate, in brushed aluminum (silver), antique brass (gold) or black with gold lettering. You decide, you choose, we make the Custom Snow Globe just the way mom likes it.
Happy Mother's Day!

Snow Globe Central
April 26, 2012

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