Mother's Day Memories

Cuddles and kisses, care packages from home, cheering at all your meets: what do you remember best about your mom?

Whatever it is, remember to let her know how much you care, and how often you think about her.

Send a non-fattening, 100% personal and deeply meaningful gift this year: a one of a kind Custom Snow Globe by Snow Globe Central. With two photos, placed back to back, you can send mom two special memories in one gift. And with custom choices, such as 50 types of confetti and sparkles, a selection of custom-made bases, and an engraved metal base plate, she'll know you spent the time and effort to get her the perfect gift.

Happy Mother's Day from Snow Globe Central!

p.s. can't decide on the perfect photo? We can send you a printable gift certificate and you and mom can decide together.

Mother's Day Snow Globe

Snow Globe Central
May 2, 2013

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