Toss of the Hat to Graduates!

There's an iconic photo for you: the happy graduate, in cap and gown, readying to toss that hat into the sky to celebrate the end of an era. The sky rains down with graduation hats and the students rejoice. No more teachers, no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks!

Your graduate isn't just a run of the mill new diploma owner, though. You have a graduate who is something special, who deserves to have that graduation photo immortalized in a way that is ... over the top!
By "over the top," we mean your graduate can relive that moment of freedom again and again. With one little twist and shake, the custom graduation snow globe will swirl and recreate that special moment, as a sea of confetti graduation hats take flight again. How fun is that!
It's good to know that this custom snow globe can be designed and ordered with the choice of two "floatables" that are included in the price but you can always order more : the graduation hats (they are the largest and heaviest and will sink soonest), smaller silver star or silver dot confetti which has a slightly longer hangtime in the liquid, and the lightest, more persistant glitter dust, which will gracefully make its determined way to the bottom of the water globe, seconds after its cousins have hit the floor in the custom graduation snow globe.
Graduation is special. Your graduate is special. Remember that moment with a custom graduation snow globe, capturing the bridge between school and the real world, and the delight in tossing a hat into the air.
(And remember, you can always submit a different photo for the front and back of the globe design.)
You can see more celebration and milestone custom water globes in our gallery.
Congratulations, class of 2011! At the very least, you deserve a custom graduation snow globe.

Snow Globe Central
July 7, 2011

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