Sally Sells Sand and Shells in Snow globes, (yes really)

When you see a photo of a kid building a sand castle, or a guy running on the beach with his dog, or a group of friends showing off their summer tans with the blue waves splashing behind ... do you think: hey, what this photo needs is some SNOW?

Well, I don't think of snow either. I think of sunshine and the feeling of wet sand under my feet on a hot day. Good news: In the world of custom snow globes, you have a choice. Snow Globe Central lets you choose the type of floating, sinking, swirling material in our liquid-filled "snow" globes, and one of those choices is good old sand and teeny tiny shells. This means you can take a photo of your grandkids in the sandbox, and add SAND. You can select a photo of your teenagers learning to surf, and add SAND. You can choose a photo of your toddler wearing oversized sunglasses at the water's edge and add ... SAND.

Of course, the theme of Snow Globe Central is "you imagine it, you design it, and we'll make it" so if you think your custom snow globe (or custom sand globe, if you prefer) could use a little sparkle and sass, you can still add a splash of iridescent holographic dust, or a pinch of black sunglasses confetti (now that's just cool): it's your custom water globe or water ball, so don't hold back if you think more is ... more.

Go to page 4 of our extensive list of confetti and glitter dust to take a look at the options.

(Both sand and shells mix and the ultra-cool black sunglasses confetti is shown, but poke around and look at all the options for your one-of-a-kind, personalized, and truly custom snow globe.) Now,  you know a photo just sits there, begging for a little action, but when you shake, shake, shake that liquid-filled sand globe, you create your own little storm inside -- the perfect storm, to coin a phrase.  And for a beach-themed snow globe, sand is the perfect touch.

Snow Globe Central
July 15, 2011

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