"I'd Like to Thank the Academy ..." How to REALLY Thank Your Director

Before anyone can give an acceptance speech in Hollywood, chances are they toiled away handing out granola bar samples at a car show, and worked their way up to the chorus in a community theatre production. They learned the ropes at a small theatre in small town America, or at the state fair or a talent show, where someone gave them a chance to showcase that talent.

That's where Snow Globe Central comes in, providing a "from the heart" thank you gift to the hard-working director, stagehands, or Daddy Warbucks who made your show a success. Yes, a custom snow globe is a perfect way to thank a director for keeping a herd of cats on track, settling disputes, applying makeup, convincing Auntie Mildred to sew a couple costumes at midnight the night before dress rehearsal, working with the fire department to be sure the sets met the code and the show could go on, kissing boo-boos and wrapping sprained ankles to make it better, screwing in lightbulbs and designing the program. Did I mention your director was out there stirring up red Kool-Aid and filling bags of popcorn at the intermission? 
This custom water globe is for you! Community theatre director extraordinaire! Keeper of the Costumes, Finder of Lost Props, Soother of Frazzled Nerves, and also a little thing called "directing the show" which managed to get squeezed in there too.
The cast and crew will never forget your "above and beyond" efforts, and now you won't forget a single one of their faces, as they are immortalized in a beautiful (may we say, one of a kind) custom snow globe with an engraved plate, front and back. So even when you are enshrined in the old director's home, reminiscing repeatedly about the many plays you directed before you went all batty from missing floorboards in the stage; temperamental actors and flickering lights, you can remember this one performance perfectly, with a the smiling cast looking out in your own snow globe world of tiny theatre. Let the show go on!
Custom Snow Globe "Director thank you from Cast and Crew" is ... Priceless!

Snow Globe Central
July 27, 2011

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