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Hockey season is over. Basketball season is over Football is deciding what's next. The United States national team just beat somebody in soccer. Other than endless baseball, does your summertime need a sports boost?

Look no further than the nearest Snow Globe Central custom sports theme snow globe. Dig through your old photos and find those action shots you always meant to frame. Frame your kids, your team, yourself in a personalized snow globe - and make it interactive with the sports confetti you can shake on demand. 
Think about it: You don't want a cute ceramic frame with a grinning 3-d football player, what you WANT is a custom snow globe with FOOTBALL confetti flying through the liquid atmosphere.  Tend to throw your clubs after a bad shot? You don't want a golf photo with a dorky tee and imaginary grass ... nope, what you NEED is a custom snow globe with tiny white golf ball confetti and silver clubs. Shake that snow globe and let the golf clubs fly harmlessly in the glass globe, landing gently each time.
Think of the money you'll save on golf clubs alone! You can buy a whole sports theme snow globe collection, personalized to show you and the family at various events; you and your buddies tailgating before the big game, and you pretending to be a really good golfer. 
Have a hankering to be a famous sports figure? You can give yourself any award you like, have it engraved on the custom brass, or silver-tone plate, and added to the snow globe mystique. "Best Shot of the Day, July 7, 2011" --- who's going to know what it all means?
Check out our sports-themed CONFETTI here, and our sports-themed custom snow globes here.

Snow Globe Central
June 30, 2011

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