Tis the Season to say, I do.

Summer weddings: the nervous grooms, the aroma of flowers, the unpredictable weather, the beautiful brides, and the need to get a personal wedding gift that shows how much you care.

Wedding snow globes are one of the most treasured gifts, from the comments we get from all over. "I loved the dove confetti!" gushed one bride. "The bubble dot confetti was just how I felt inside that day," wrote one groom, "And when it all settles at the bottom of the globe, that's how I felt when I saw her coming up the aisle in that incredible dress."
In fact, people just can't get enough of custom snow globes with wedding themes, it seems. More than one mother-of-the-bride has ordered several, saying she just couldn't decide between the stunning photos of the bridal party ... and it gave her an excuse to order several kinds of lovey-dovey, hearts, champagne flute and bubble-dot confetti choices, along with the silvery sparkles and traditional snow. 
"I waited a long time for my daughter to find the right guy, and I wanted the photos to be extra-special," this happy MotB (Mother of the Bride) wrote to us. "The quality of the snow globe central custom snow globe was truly a match for the fairy-tale kind of day we all had. I love the way it shimmers in the light!"
To view many of the wedding and engagement snow globes we have made for our favorite customers, click the Wedding gallery on the home page. Remember: you can select the color and type of base, the engraved plate and type, and the unique confetti combination to make your bridal couple's photo framed perfectly in a custom snow globe.

Wedding Snow Globes

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June 28, 2011

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