Things Remembered

The great beauty of Snow Globe Central personalized Snow Globes is that they are created with unique photos and ideas from you. There is a reason our motto is, "Where your memories sparkle."

Your careful thought in the photographs you provide and with the choice of confetti you choose, accented by the custom base you select all help create a unforgettable custom Snow Globe. The addition of a engraved plate or plates can help convey that special thought or capture that moment in time.
Our artisans who make your Custom Snow Globes are always commenting how there are so many interesting and unforgettable ways to personalize each custom snow globe. For example the artisans will all of a sudden say, "come look at how this confetti mix of the silver and white snow looks really neat together." Then when the photo is put into the glass globe and before it is secured to a chosen base, sometimes they will try out the finished globe on different bases to see how the whole Custom Snow Globe will look. After they do that they always agree with your choice of base. Our customers tell us they spend a lot of time considering all the options to create the special combination that works for their photo and memories for that Unique Personalized Snow Globe.
We are always reminded by our customers how special moments and events are remembered from babies being born, toddlers learning to walk, to 10-year-old's birthday parties, to sweet images of prom couples, then serious high school and college graduates who look ready to face the world, to photos of wonderful vacation trips to engagements and weddings, and even those rare and special 50th and 60th Wedding Anniversary Snow Globes. The list goes on with favorite pets, awards, fun times with old friends with photos from now and the distance past. Keep sending the wonderful images you want see inside a Custom Personalized Snow Globe for you or a loved one. Please view the Unique Custom Snow Globes Of Things Remembered in our Gallery.

When designing  Snow Globes go to our gallery to see Custom Snow Globe that is where there are very Personalized Snow Globes or Snow Globe.


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June 22, 2010

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