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Ever wondered what fun choices other people make when they select a Custom Snow Globe from Snow Globe Central? Ever wanted to show someone else how cool your Snow Globe design looked?

Snow Globe Central has introduced the Front Page Gallery with Custom Snow Globes we have produced for you and other customers. Photographs of Personalized Snow Globes will be featured on the world wide web so you can share your wonderful Snow Globe creation with your friends and family --- even if you are sending the real Snow Globe to someone else. (Don't blame us if other people want one, too.) We have set up all the important social networking features, (Facebook, Twitter, Email, Save to Favorite and a more buttons) which allows more ways to share an image of your Custom Snow Globe with ease.
The Custom snow Globe that you have designed could also be featured on one of our gallery pages. If your Custom Snow Globe is chosen for either location you will be notified that your Personalized Snow Globe is being featured on the web site. We will email you when your Custom Snow Globe -- created from your unique idea -- is beautifully featured on the web site, so you can share the image with your friends and family. (If your Snow Globe is selected to be featured on our gallery, there is absolutely no charge to you for the professional snow globe photograph, it's our thanks to you for your business.)

We are also adding two new gallery pages called " Friends" and  "Awards" which are two popular Snow Globe design themes. In the near future please enjoy the new Custom Snow Globes shown on these and the other Gallery sections, so you can see the many ways others have chose to personalize their Custom snow Globe design.


When designing  Snow Globes go to our gallery to see Custom Snow Globe that where very Personalized Snow Globes.


Please note: if you do not wish your snow globe design to be photographed and featured, please don't worry. Only those globe designers who have checked the "yes, you may feature my design in your galleries" checkbox during the order and design process are eligible to be selected and photographed for the featured galleries.

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Snow Globe Central
July 20, 2010

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