Award Snow Globes

There are some accomplishments that are just too big for a trophy, too special for a plaque.

Making award snow Globes has been a part of Snow Globe Central for many years. We have made Custom Snow Globe awards to recognize the accomplishments of Eagle Scouts, retirees, outstanding volunteers and top employees. Unique Custom Snow globes showcase everything from baby ballerinas to high school soccer champs. We have done award snow globes for yearly award programs as well as a single unique custom award for lifetime achievement.

A new gallery awards page was developed so some of the Customized Snow Globes or Custom Water Globes (as some people call them) are displayed to show what is possible for a custom award. The few examples of Snow Globe shown to show you a glimpse of what is possible – the rest is up to your imagination.

What is great with an award Snow Globe is that when the Snow Globe is given to the recipient the following will happen: The recipient of the award snow globe will go back to the office and display the Snow Globe on a self or desk. When people come into the office, they see the Snow Globe and can’t help but pick it up and give it a shake. You will not get that interaction with a plaque or a certificate of merit. Custom award Snow Globes are very interactive other than the standard awards given for achievement.

So when you know someone worthy of a special award, just remember there are some lifetime highlights people want to look back upon and share with friends. Being recognized for hard work, achievement, creativity or an outstanding accomplishment should be highlighted with sparkles and elegance. Whether it's a distinguished career or an Academy Award™, or meeting an important sales goal — recognize the importance of this milestone with a Custom Snow Globe. Make the moment last by capturing it in a Glass Snow Globe.

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September 22, 2010

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