"Snow Globe" Wins Film Festival Award

Here at Snow Globe Central, we don't just sell beautiful custom-made snow globes. We also have a duty to bring you snow-globe culture from around the world. We keep on alert for anything "snow globe" and keep our followers up-to-date.

The short film "Snow Globe" is the Winner of the 2011 Amandus Festival "Audience Award" -- and while it is dark, moody and rather unlike any snowglobe we've made lately, it's visually stunning and a good short film. 

Remember, we SAID it was dark and moody, but it's also oddly beautiful. So, don't expect Santa Claus or fields of daisies in this short film, there are no lollipops, candycanes or clowns. But spend 5 minutes of your time watching an award-winning short film called "Snow Globe." (This film is not affiliated with Snow Globe Central, but we like it anyway.)

Snow Globe Short Film by blankytwo

Snow Globe Central
December 5, 2011

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