Holidays and Snow Globes

Somehow, every year when the holidays roll around, we start seeing more advertisements with snow globes from October through January. In fact, the downtown Denver partnership and our local news station, Channel 9 News in Denver, is using a snow globe theme on the Parade of Lights, which they sponsor. And the Colorado Ballet is using a snow globe theme in publicity for this year's production of the Nutcracker ballet.

If you want to see the Channel 9 - Parade of Lights snow globe, click here:

To see the Colorado Ballet's Nutcracker snow globe, click here:
We couldn't be happier to see that people have that instant connection to Holidays + Snow Globes + Smiles! We feel the same way, although at Snow Globe Central, maker of custom snow globes for all your gift-giving and smile-making needs, we tend to see snow globes as a year-round celebration.
When you want to give someone a smile and nudge a memory of Christmas past, don't forget that snow globes and holidays go together like candy canes and stockings.

Snow Globe Central
November 29, 2011

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