Why We Love Snow Globes (and Snow Globe Videos)

Simple: Snow Globes are perfect little worlds that tell a story. When you create your own snow globe, such as a custom-made and designed snow globe by Snow Globe Central, you are the author of that perfect little story, choosing the design details the way a writer names  a character and decides whether to place the story in a showy uptown condo, or away on a farm in the rural midwest. The choices are all yours.

We heard from a few people who liked the "Snow Globe" artistic short film posted earlier this week, but wanted to see something a little more upbeat. Cheerful.

Pixar added a short film "Knick Knack" to a feature animation more than a decade ago that featured not just one, but TWO snow globes.

One poor little snowman sees the party in the snow globe across the way, and wishes he could join in. 

Watch to see what happens ... ten years later, it's still fun to watch. 

We can't say if this film was more cheerful than the other, but it sure is fun to watch.

Snow Globe Central

December 5, 2011

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