Custom Snow Globe Maker (YOU!)

If you’ve ever wanted to design your own snow globe, to make something unique to give to someone extra special, Snow Globe Central is here to serve your wildest imagination. Take a look in the mirror when you snap that next selfie and say to yourself, “now there is a Custom Snow Globe maker just waiting to emerge from the shadows.”

 Every step of the way, YOU get to choose how the Snow Globe will look (and how it will shake!) by selecting from hundreds of options which are available.

 You’ll select either one or two favorite photos, which we reproduce digitally to your specifications for the Custom Snow Globe.

You’ll decide if the photos (front to back) will look best left as a rectangle, cropped tighter, arched or gently rounded at the upper edge; all to frame your image to look its best.

We’ve got simple instructions and examples right here: 

You’ll scroll through more than 50 confetti and sparkles choices to find the one (or more than one) you think compliments your photo. This ain’t your grandma’s snow globe! You can select from traditional shapes, silver baseball bats, black cats, a dancing bride and groom, a cloud of iridescent San Francisco fog sparkles, a selection of hearts, birthday cakes, shiny jet airplanes, graduation hats, shimmering gold dust … did we SAY this wasn’t your grandma’s Custom Snow Globe where the choice was any kind of plastic snow, as long as you liked it white and sink-to-the-bottom heavy?

Take a peek at all the ways you can combine confetti, sparkles and dust in your Custom Snow Globe.


You’ll choose from an array of base types and colors including faux stone finishes in different colors of man-made marble, alabaster and terracotta; crisp white marble, REAL wood bases with walnut finish, or over-the-top metal bases in highly-polished aluminum or classic 24-carat gold plated finish.

Yes, 24-carat gold plated Snow Globe bases – we’re not kidding around when we say you have CHOICES.

Next, you’ll design an optional engraved base plate, which is made on an vintage engraver machine with four type choices (everything from the stalwart Roman Medium to the elegant calligraphy script, to the crisp and clean gothic, and cheerful and easy-to-read Helvetica.) But that’s not all --- you look at your photo, base, confetti/sparkles and type and decide “do I want gold letters engraved on a black plate, or silver on silver, or … yes, you will get to choose from four metal plate options in silver, gold and black finishes.


After making all these decisions, you may say to yourself, “Wow! I’m a Custom Snow Globe artist now, but I’m nearly ready for a nap.  One more thing: I just need to go get a greeting card to include a message with this fine snow globe I’ve just designed.”  Hang on, we’ve got you covered. So many folks wanted snow globes shipped directly as gifts, that we offer a selection of simple greeting cards to go along, just to save you the trip to the store. (There are sixteen different messages, one is sure to match your special occasion.)


Each greeting card has an outside message but starts out blank inside – but if you tell us what you’d like it to say, we’ll custom print it for you for the same price.  As a bonus, each greeting card is sent with a custom CLEAR envelope with a sealed pocked of confetti. Yes, it’s a Snow Globe greeting card to go along with your Custom one-of-a-kind Snow Globe.


Along the way, if you have questions, just contact us. We’d love to help you design your Custom Snow Globe which won’t be forgotten!


Snow Globe Central

August 13, 2013

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  • Lorraine on

    I love the snow globe. I just wished the pictures were brighter. It’s not your fault that’s the way they were taken. It said it would come with a card, I did not receive a card with the package which was packed really well. Thank you. From 1 to10 I would give you a ten. I also have a friend that wants to order one now.

  • vgbvfhdqpd on

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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