Sixty is a State of Mind

What do you give someone special to commemorate 60 years of sweet smiles?

If you're this lucky lady, you'll open up a shiny box to discover your shy, sweet six-year-old self, back to back with your smiling self today in a Personalied Snow Globe.  Really, what is 60? It's just 6 years old with about 54 years of experience.

The thoughtful Custom Snow Globe gift givers kept a black/white/silver theme going as they selected a faux marble round base, in black and white, with two custom-engraved plates in black and silver. All of this complements the silver diamond confetti and the shimmering silver microdust when the globe is shaken. And after the Custom Snow Globe is given  a good shake, that silver shimmer will dance and linger in the liquid, lasting just long as the birthday girl's smile as she admires the Personalized Snow Globe.

Birthday Snow Globe

Snow Globe Central
August 9, 2013

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