Mystery Box with Broken Snow Globe

Now and then, at Snow Globe Central we get a mystery box with a Broken Snow Globe in it. It's happened more than once -- who ever is concentrating on shipping their Broken Snow Globe to Snow Globe Central, SO carefully, they forget to put any information inside telling us the important stuff so we can repair the Broken Snow Globe.

Such as:

  • whose Broken Snow Globe it is.
  • where they live.
  • phone number so we can call you
  • any special instructions or extra-sentimental parts to handle with care.
  • how they want to pay for repairs and where to ship it when it's all better.

It's a little perplexing. Often, in a week or two, someone calls and says "have you fixed my broken snow globe?" and we're able to put two-and-two together with a description to figure out the owner.

When that happens, at Snow Globe Central, we can start the process to repair your broken, cloudy, evaporated or damaged snow globe. And we'd LIKE to repair the Broken Snow Globe, really!

But lately, we've had a few orphan broken snow globes that need to be Fixed hanging about, waiting for instructions. No calls, no letters, no emails: just broken snow globes without a passport. The Broken snow Globes that need to be Repaired arrived without a clue to their original owners, or any way to contact someone for more info. (The latest came from a shipping company that mailed it out with its own return address and no paperwork inside.) THEY don't have a way to trace to the person who paid for the postage, either.

Snow Globe Central loves a good mystery, but we'd like it even better if we could contact you and make arrangements to fix, or repair  your Broken Snow Globe.

If this looks familiar, let us know.

Your Broken Snow Globe misses you and wants to be fixed! Please call Snow Globe Central, 303-294-9469.

Snow Globe Central
September 25, 2013

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