Confetti's Do Sink

When designing your Personalized Snow Globe, Snow Globe Central offers 37 styles of confetti shapes in addition to the traditional snow seen in conventional Snow Globe. There are also 9 custom colored dusts to choose from for adding that extra accent in the Custom Snow Globe you are creating.

In picking out the confetti for your Personalized Snow Globe which is shown in build a snow globe section of the site please remember the following helpful hints. Due to gravity, " what goes up, must come down", the different sizes of confetti float down at different rates of speed through the liquid in in the Snow globe. The larger confetti for example the Bride and Groom confetti used in Wedding Snow Globe or Prom Snow Globe will settle quicker then the dust or silver or white snow. Adding the silver and or white snow or one of the dusts along with the Bride and Groom confetti will add a cascading effect of different layers of settling in the custom snow globe.

In the case of the Graduation confetti that is typically used in a Graduation Snow Globe there is small silver stars included with the larger Graduation hats. These two different sizes of confetti will give the custom Snow Globe that extra rate of floating action. One might want to add in one of the 9 dusts or silver and or white snow to increase the floating action in this type of Personalized Snow Globe to add a third level of floating action. 

The open heart confetti which is a very popular confetti choice and is used with all sorts of photos for example Mother's Day Snow Globe or Romantic Snow Globe to name a few. The large open heart confetti and small silver heart confetti work well together because of there size. Adding in a second confetti like one of the 9 dusts or one of the two snows could be included to add a beautiful accent to the Custom Snow Globe.

Have fun designing your Personalized Snow Globe.

When designing  Snow Globes go to our gallery to see Custom Snow Globe that is where there are very Personalized Snow Globes or Snow Globe.
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March 26, 2010

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