Black and White Photos

Sometimes we get this question: can you make a Personalized Custom Photo Snow Globe with a black and white photo?

 Being the agreeable types we are about Snow Globes, of course we say "yes, we can."  However, you will need to make the original photo into a digital file first. If you have a scanner, you can place the original photo carefully on the glass and create a digital file to be mailed to us. If you do not have access to a scanner, check with your local photo development outlet (this could be a drugstore, large grocery or discount store or photo supply store -- anywhere that would develop film or make copies of photos.) These places may offer a service for a reasonable fee to turn the photo into a digital file for you so you can email it to Snow Globe Central.

 When designing a custom snow globe with a black and white photo, are there limitations? Not really. Many people choose to go with a black and white marble base, or all-white base, to complement the black and white tones in the photo. But we have other people who have designed a personalized globe with a merlot or verde green base, and used colorful glitter in contrast to the photo. However you want to do it, it's your design for a Snow Globe.

 Personalized Snow Globe with a Black and White Photo with heart confettie making is a Custom Snow Globe great for a Mothers Day Snow Globe  Gift, Birthday Snow Globe  GHere's a recent SnowGlobe we did for someone's special birthday celebration. We'd tell you just HOW OLD the lovely lady is today, but that's her secret. A little birdie told us she graduated high school in the early 1950s. Draw your own conclusions.

When designing  Snow Globes go to our gallery to see Custom Snow Globe that is where there are very Personalized Snow Globes or Snow Globe.
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February 24, 2010

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