How Much Confetti?

I think I want open heart confetti and silver snow for my Mother's Day Custom Snow Globe. I wonder when I place the order if the people at Snow Globe Central are going to put in the right amount of confetti in my Custom Snow globe? Will the confetti be just right because that is what I want?

We have now brought up an interesting point about the confetti in the Personalized Snow Globe. This is known as "The Three Bears of Confetti", that being, too much confetti, too little of a certain confetti or just the right amount of confetti. 

The example of the Mother's Day Snow Globe with the open heart confetti and silver snow. We tend go a little heavier on the larger shape confetti's since that confetti tends to fall faster(large open heart) then the smaller silver heart confetti. The silver snow falls the slowest out of the three confetti's. There is a standard measures that we use with each confetti which has come about by making many Custom Snow Globes and listening to customer feedback.  
We have been making Personalized Snow Globes for some time and through our experience we tend to put a the perfect amount of  confetti in the snow globe so that there is a balance of all the confetti's working well together with the photo or photos you have sent us for the Photo Snow Globe. Again the amount of confetti in the Custom Snow Globe has been developed by you the customer giving us feed back on the custom Personalized Snow Globe we have sent you.

The only real issue we could run into is "too little of a certain confetti"  since once you have received your Custom Snow Globe we can not add any more confetti in it. If you have a question about the amount of confetti that will be used in making your Personalized Snow Globe put that question in the comment area or call us. We do have people asked for example, "can you make the snow really heavy" and that we can do. Please ask because perfection of your Snow Globes is what we want to achieve.

When designing  Snow Globes go to our gallery to see Custom Snow Globe that is where there are very Personalized Snow Globes or Snow Globe.
Snow Globe Central
April 2, 2010

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