The Golden Anniversary

Personalized Snow Globe for a great Anniversary Snow Globe or Photo Snow Globe, Wedding Snow Globe Birthday Snow Globe

What do you get two people who have been married 50 years? Think about it: They probably have all the alarm clocks, kitchen goods, and knick knacks they desire. But a fifty-year anniversary still needs to be remembered with something special.

 At Snow Globe Central, we have done quite a few “Golden Anniversary” snow globes as gifts for that special couple. They can be done with our traditional bases (in white, black faux marble, verde granite or burgundy, for example), but often the giver splurges a little and gives a globe with our 24-carat gold finish base. (The base itself is formed out of aluminium and then plated with the real gold finish.)

 For a special touch, gold sparkles and silver hearts commemorate half a century of love.


When designing  Snow Globes go to our gallery to see Custom Snow Globe that is where there are very Personalized Snow Globes or Snow Globe.


Snow Globe Central
May 12, 2010

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