So Now I'm the Snow Globe Expert

Recently, several of our customers commented that it was great that the Transportation Security Administration, better known as TSA, had allowed snow globes to be tucked into carry-on luggage on planes. There was a note in the TSA guidelies that said "snow globes allowed in carry on luggage." We did a little investigating and turns out: not 100% true.

Sure, if you have a teeny-tiny snow globe, with about as much liquid as fits inside a ping pong ball, then you can carry it. But those tiny globes are not what most people purchase and give as gifts. We are assuming that you would have a snow globe because you bought as a souvenir somewhere and are returning home, or perhaps you bought one of our FABULOUS one of a kind Snow Globe Central globes and you are hand-carrying as a gift on your trip. As you can see from the photo showing what is allowed, a snow globe with glass and base no larger than a tennis ball, is a precious little thing indeed.

But our globes have 4-inch glass globes, and contain far more liquid than allowed by TSA guidelines. So we did what you do in America: we issued a press release explaining the ins and outs of snow globe sizes for those who cared.

This release was picked up by quite a few places, including Yahoo News and the Los Angeles Times. We were interviewed by ABC radio about snow globes. And as happens on the Internet, the first stories were reposted by other sites, and pretty soon, quite a few people got the message.

Now, in the release, trying to give credibility to someone, so a reporter might think "hey, this guy knows what he's talking about"  -- we used the terms, world-wide snow globe repair expert. Which, seems pretty accurate, since there are so few people who will take on the risk and reward of replacing broken glass, or cleaning the cloudy water that is growing things. Eek!

But in the retelling, this description lost the word "repair" and was morphed into "snow globe expert." Now we don't want to brag, but it's probably true. I mean, how many people DO know the history of snow globes, and can tell you who made an antique piece just by the shape of the base, or the seam on the 1930s glass?

However, many readers of the articles were suprised to imagine that snow globes weren't made by Santa Claus(I'm his lead repair person), and yes, there really are experts who know how to make them. We got a kick out of the hundreds of comments that were posted.

Don't ever think that the good folks at Snow Globe Central can't share a little laugh at our own expense.
Removing those that aren't safe for work and families (who knew!), here is a link to the Yahoo article,
and here are some of the best and funniest replies:

  • Dr.Grossnickle studied for years in Germany under the greatest snow globescientists, and wrote his thesis on Brownian motion in heated snow globes.


  • Howin the heII do you become a snow globe expert?
  • We'vehad to bust open your snow globe to measure the liquid, Its good.
  • Ifeel so safe knowing that the tools at TSA are on the job. We can be surethat nobody is going to blow up a plane using snow globes. Is there anyoneelse thinking that the TSA needs to be broken up, sent back to theirvillages, (several villages have mentioned that they want their idiotsback)....
  • "Tobe safe, Grossnickle recommends shipping your snow globe ahead of yourtrip or packing it carefully in checked luggage." I, for one, nevergo anywhere without my snowglobe collection. They're like my children*sniff*.
  • "Peopleare passionate about their snow globes." Preach it, Mr. Grossnickle.If I have to witness even one more snow globe-related bar brawl, I'm goingto build a bunker.
  • Ithink this self proclaimed "snow globe expert" isunderestimating the number of chinese snow globe being gifted this year.
  • Whobuys snow globes anyway?
  • Keepthe snow globes--loose the TSA. How stupid are the American people toaccept this fascist #$%$? Welcome to the Nazi USA--complete with it'sfascist dictator.
  • Snowglobe expert? Seriously? How much did that degree cost?
  • Youhave to be a mover and a SHAKER to be a snow globe expert.
  • Um,yeah, every time I go out with my friends, we're always talking about ourdeep feelings for snow globes and what they mean to us. :-|
  • Ifthey take away our snow globes they take away our freedom - ThomasJefferson
  • howin happy hell do you become a "snow globe expert"   ihave now officially heard it all...
  • "Snowglobe expert" ??? get a #$%$ real job
  • Do4 out of 5 snow globe experts agree though?
  • Thereis such a thing as a "Snow Globe Expert"?
  • "Breakingnews" The Transportation Safely Adminstration has just found a womanwith two snow globes in her bra. She was dressed like Jane Mansfield andhad the biggest boobs you ever saw.
  • Snowglobes are a well-known terrorist device.
    At least the TSA thinks so.
  • Ibought a souvenir snow-globe for my daughter during a trip to Las Vegas in2007, evidently they had just banned snow-globes but I was not aware. Theyconfiscated it.
    Good thing I didn't end up on the no-fly list
  • Peopleare passionate about their snow globes??!! SERIOUSLY? There's a world-widesnow globe craze? Who knew?
  • Severalyears back, snow globes were used to hijack my JFK-O'Hare flight. We spent3 days on the tarmac in the North Pole while the hijackers negotiated withthe EBI. Nothing to eat and drink but candy canes and ice.
  • Idiotstook my Alice In Wonderland snow globe still in the box with the receiptfrom Disney World and refused to give it back after I argued with themthat it was less than 4 oz of liquid. One of their kids stole my gift.Bunch of thieves and thugs
  • Itdoesn't take a PhD in snow-globes to call yourself an expert, but ithelps. Many students major in snow-globes thinking it's an easy major. Ohno ! They flunk out their freshman year.
  • Whogets to be on the "Snow Globe Guidelines Committee"?
  • Snowglobe experts have a high rate of suicide
  • Reallyirked me off when the TSA grabbed a small snow globe my kid bought me as amomento when he traveled across country by himself to Miami and back. Hedidn't have anything other than a back pack and laptop case. He was only19 at the time. And I remember they grabbed a little fold up tool from mein 2006 because it had a tiny little screwdriver end. I was told I couldmail it to myself. Yeh real funny while waiting for a flight to find thestuff to mail it in less than 30 minutes. I loathe the TSA
  • Isthat a Snow Globe in your exploding underwear, or are you just glad to seeme ?
  • Funnyhow you can SHIP your 100 pound SNOW globe via AIR FREIGHT (probably onthe SAME plane)...but you can't carry it. But pay a few bucks to FedEx,DHL, UPS or even the USPS,,,and THEY'll put it on the plane FOR you.. NOhassle, NO questions
  • Whatgenius decided 3.4 ozs of an potentially exploding liquid is safe but 3.5isn’t?

    Yeah, I know snow globes don’t explode but apparently TSA thinks thelarger ones do
    God bless you TSA for keeping us safe !
    Snow Globes ?
    Really ?
  • Somesnow-globe experts make over $500k per year. They are definitely onepercenters
  • OurCountry is on the verge of collapse and we're talking "snowglobes"?
    At least our priorities are in place
  • Bevery careful when experts speak. I know some of those self-proclaimedexperts
  • Snowglobes are probably the only thing TSA won't steal so check it with yourluggage and keep your IPad in your carry on
  • Thesolution is simple enough, stop buying snow globes. Seriously. Snow globesare #$%$ gifts, just give them the money instead
  • "Snowglobe expert" . They never offered that at any of the colleges Iattended!
  • *raiseseyebrows at someone calling themselves a "snow globe expert
  • Inow know more about snow globes than I ever wanted to. I want that 3minutes back
  • Icame for the news but all I got was this lousy snow globe.

Snow Globe Central

November 27, 2012

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