Snow Globes for the Holidays - Don't Wait TOO Long!

At Snow Globe Central, we've been as busy as Santa and his elves, getting custom Snow Globes made and repairing sentimental water globes and Snow Globes from all over. Lots of late nights and weekends this year, but it's good to be busy!

Keep in mind that it takes about 3-5 days to MAKE a custom Snow Globe, and another 3-5 days (or longer) to arrive at your destination in the United States. We are centrally located in Denver, Colorado, and use UPS for almost all of our shipping. (Snow Globes and water globes contain liquid, so cannot be shipped via U.S. Postal service mail. It's prohibited.)

Although there is overnight or two-day shipping available, the cost is usually eye-opening to the casual snow globe buyer. We don't add costs to the shipping; it is what it is.

But if you've been procrastinating about ordering a Custom Snow Globe, wait no more. The sooner we receive your order, the sooner the Snow Globe Central elves can get to work on your unique, custom-designed Snow Globe for the holidays.

If you think you waited too long, or just can't decide, don't forget we offer printable gift certificates, so your recipient can choose their own favorite photos, confetti, sparkle dust and base for their own Custom Snow Globe. THAT we can do, even at the last minute.

Happy holidays from Snow Globe Central.


Snow Globe Central

December 12, 2012

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