Snow Globe Central joins Brand Colorado effort

We are happy to announce that Snow Globe Central is joining the Brand Colorado movement, and has been accepted as a member/partner.

The Colorado brand licensing program is designed to allow local organizations and companies to show their pride of the state as well as leverage the strong cache of Colorado.  By tapping in to this program companies can increase sales and brand loyalty among their customers.  (You can learn more about Brand Colorado here:

Snow Globe Central is one of the very few remaining snow globe makers in the United States -- sometimes we think we might be the last one out there. We are proud to be a Colorado-owned company and we make our one-of-a-kind snow globes right in Denver, just north of the Rockies Baseball team home, Coors Field, tucked in the heart of the Rhino Arts District. With our beautiful mountains, we know that many people associate our state with outdoor sports and snow, snow snow! -- which is why being a snow globe maker is particularly fitting.

While we happily use sparkling white snow to contrast with the bright green and complement the white of the BrandColorado logo shown here in a custom snow globe , we're also known for a whole rainbow of colors and fun shapes and sizes of shakeable art. Colorado is a great place to live and work year-round, so if you want purple rain or shimmering green "snow" ... Snow Globe Central will make exactly the snow globe you imagine. Who says snow has to always be white?

Snow Globe Central: Proud to be a Colorado company.

Snow Globe Central Joins Brand Colorado

Snow Globe Central
March 11, 2014

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