How special is YOUR mother?

April showers bring reminders that Mother's Day is just around the corner. And what ARE you going to do, to show the mom in your life that she is super-duper awesome?

At Snow Globe Central, we know that everyone's mom is special and one of a kind, just like our "one of a kind" snow globes. How can we make a promise to you that the snow globe you design will be unique? Really and truly ONE OF A KIND? We can make that promise because YOU choose the photo or back-to-back photos, YOU choose the the sparkles and confetti as bright as her smile, YOU choose the base design (rock solid, just like Mom), and YOU choose the words and letters engraved on the metal place, just the way her love is etched deeply in your heart. Yes you can really build your snow globe!

You didn't choose your mom, but we are pretty sure she's the one you want to surprise on Mother's Day with the one-of-a-kind snow globe gift as special as she is.

Happy Mother's Day from Snow Globe Central!

Say Happy Mother's Day With A Snow Globe

Snow Globe Central
April 7, 2014

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