Awards and Applause

We're always lucky when we happen to cross paths with someone special who deserves an award: that tireless volunteer, the person who always says "sure I can do that" or the person who comes up with an elegant solution to a gritty problem. Those are the people who make events work smoothly and deserve a little praise for their efforts.

While we have nothing against an engraved plaque, sometimes you want to do a little more. A Custom Snow Globe is a great "award" and appreciation item, with the opportunity to showcase a unique photo inside, and the fun interactive joy of shaking a Personalized Snow Globe.

When your favorite staffer or VIP volunteer receives a Custom Snow Globe from Snow Globe Central, tell 'em: "Every time you shake that globe and see it glitter and swirl, think of it as applause for a job well done."

Snow Globe Central
July 18, 2014

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