Question: Do you make Valentine's Day Globes?

We got this question recently, and we had a staff meeting to discuss it. Hmmmm, by a nearly unanimous vote, the answer is a resilient, YES WE DO!
(We also celebrated by ordering cheesy, deep-fried steak tacos from Old Mexico City on Larimer Street for everyone - dang, those things are good!)

What is interesting when you think about it, is this really a Snow Globe, Water Globe or is it a Heart Globe or Valentine's Globe? Well, of course, if you give it for Valentine’s day, it becomes a Valentine’s Day Snow Globe. Just as if you give it on a birthday, it’s a Birthday Snow Globe. We could go one for days with this concept. Anniversary gift, it's an Anniversary Snow Globe, "will you marry me" engraved plate --- that, my friends, is a Proposal Snow Globe. (We've been doing a LOT of those lately, so the Valentine's Day Snow Globes from last year, must have led to something.)

I think we better call it a custom snow globe in which we exchange the falling snow with falling white or silver hearts or both since if we change the name to “SnowGlobeCentral Custom Valentine’s Day Globe” it might confuse too many people. So we will call it a personalized custom Valentine's Snow Globe in which we have replaced the snow with hearts. This will hopefully not confuse or upset the purists in the world of snow globe or Water Globe collecting.

Do consider that although we have exquisite heart confetti in silver and white, if your Valentine loves footballs, or horses, or is dotty about polka-dots, or swoons for silver champagne glass confetti, you get to choose any confetti from our list of more than fifty beautiful choices, and create the perfect snow globe for your sweetheart’s gift. It’s always up to you, at Snow Globe Central: you are the designer for your Custom snow globe.

So do not wait too late before to order a Custom Snow Globe – give yourself plenty of time to design it, so we can make your custom handmade snow globe and ship it to you without any last-minute drama. 

Take a photo of the two of you together, holding the flowers and feeding each other chocolate, and have it made into a wonderful Personalized snow globe that would mark a special Valentine's Day that would be remembered.

St. Valentine would be proud of you.


When designing  Snow Globes go to our gallery to see Custom Snow Globe that is where there are very Personalized Snow Globes or Snow Globe.


Snow Globe Central
January 25, 2011

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