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We've seen many pet names recently, everything from Toby to Buster, from Daisy to Cody, Bear to Princess. There's been a Custom Snow Globe honoring Max, Lady, Lucky, Rocky and Bailey, too.
And while we've seen a few custom pet snow globes come through for pets with the same name, we've never seen the same photo twice. Not even close. Every dog's personality comes through in the photos that are sent to us.
There's a photo of Bella bounding in the snow, and a chubby Charlie trying to grab a flying disc. Princess was wearing a tiara (no kidding!), sitting regally with a teddy bear, Raggedy Ann and a very small adorable human child having a tea party. 
One of the Custom Snow Globe artisans asked: Could we guess the dog breeds for each Personalized Snow Globe? Let's see: Bella was a golden retriever, with snowballs clinging to the fur on her back legs from a session bounding up past her knees, happily chasing squirrels. And Charlie was a basset hound, trying valiantly to jump on his short little legs to catch a Frisbee. Princess was a very elegant poodle (my source says poodle mix, but really, how could one tell from one photo?) Well, if Princess isn't a poodle, then she carries herself like royalty, which is very nearly the same thing.
We have made a Personalized Snow Globe featuring the antics of Max and Cody, snapped in midair, jumping off the dock of the bay apparently, racing for what appears to be a plastic bone. Did you ever wonder if they catch up with it, and say "I jumped into the lake for THIS?"  And the back side of the Snow globe has a very wet Max and Cody, dripping on the shore. 
Of course, that was "Max One" because we had a "Max Two" come in only a day later. Max Two is some sort of spotted festival of American muttdom: white with random splotches like some kind of wild pony, but with tufts of fur on his back legs, and a curly lock right on his forehead like a naughty child. Dalmatian meets Australian Shepherd? Max Two was wearing a Harley Davidson bandana jauntily on his neck and had what appeared to be a grin in one photo and on the second photo, Max Two carried a very large stuffed animal in his mouth. 
Rocky was a fluffy little mutt, curled into a ball, snoozing in front of the fireplace. Bailey is a tri-color border collie, sitting pretty as though waiting for a treat. Bear was the kind of big ole' buddy you want around your smallest friends. He was allowing his ample belly to be used as a pillow for a napping toddler. Sweet, sweet Bear!
The point is, with every "top dog" name, every breed and mix we've seen, there is one constant. People LOVE their pets! And each dog has a unique look and personality that works great in a custom snow globe, no matter the dog breed or photo. Take a look at our Gallery of Pet favorites and see for yourself.

When designing  Snow Globes go to our gallery to see Custom Snow Globe that is where there are very Personalized Snow Globes or Snow Globe.


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February 16, 2011

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