Let it snow, let it snow, let it...

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December is here. This means holidays of all types are approaching and our loyal customers are thinking about those special people who deserve special gifts like a Snow Globe.

While SnowGlobe Central is known for the fun, quirky and romantic confetti selection with everything from hearts, to champagne glasses, to scottie dogs and black cats, to silver jet planes, we are often asked:

Can you just make it snow?

But of course. We have traditional snow, which can be used alone for the snow globe purists, or we can add a touch of sparkle dust – which hovers and dances in the liquid, shimmering for a minute or two after the snow has settled after the Snow Globe is shaken. 

If you want a blizzard, or just a frosting of glittering dust, it’s up to you. You are the designer of your own Custom Snow Globe.

Remember: sparkle dust is the lightest inside our liquid and will suspend the longest. Sparkles will float slowly to the bottom.
Confetti will sink faster than the dust or sparkles, and each the size (weight) of the confetti will dictate how briefly it takes to sink.

Just remember, another shake of your Snow Globe and the performance starts all over again inside your  Custom Snow Globe.


When designing  Snow Globes go to our gallery to see Custom Snow Globe that is where there are very Personalized Snow Globes or Snow Globe.



Snow Globe Central
December 13, 2010

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