Crazy Confetti Collection Creates Countless Choices for Creative Customers

When you decide to create a unique Snow Globe Central custom Snow Globe, you'll find more than 50 different confetti styles to complement your photo and base selections to make you Snow Globe.

This allows that personal touch that you choose to make your Personalized Snow Globe unlike any other design. By customer request, we have added three new confetti styles, Cat Confetti, Ice Confetti and Football Confetti.

cat confetti for your custom snow globePurrrrr. For the cat lovers we have added a Meow-tiful  for you. When designing that Custom Snow Globe for that student who has gone off to school and left her cat home (for you to take care of), that she still misses "her cat" (that you always took care of). You can now put a favorite photo of the cat in the Snow Globe along with the new cat-shaped confetti to give that Custom Snow Globe a unique design so your daughter still has "her cat" present in her dorm room and her thoughts.

football confetti for your custom snow globeGo Team! Sports enthusiasts, we have not forgotten you! Already having baseball confetti and golf confetti for those sports fans we have just added silver . Whether your favorite player is in Pop Warner or started in Pee Wee football and now plays at high school or a higher level you can have a photo or photos of that player in the Snow Globe with footballs a flying in the water globe. This is also a great way to keep those wonderful memories of being at the games on the weekend in all type of weather cheering and giving support to your favorite football player or team.

crushed iced confetti for your custom snow globeChill Out. "Snow Globes" often have traditional white "snow" bits in the liquid, but Snow Globe Central has added a twist with the "Crushed Ice" option. We still have classic Snow confetti for the custom snow globes. What we have added is "Ice" or , which is a very light pearlized color confetti (also called iridescent.) This confetti has a very light characteristic so that as it swirls in the Personalized Snow G

lobe it drifts about radiating colors of shimmering pale pinks, greens, blues and silvers in a kaleidoscope visual as it lightly settles to the bottom of the snow globe. So if you have a Snow Globe project that needs to be cooled down or a winter scene that needs a extra chill, Ice confetti would be a great choice. Although we often see it added as a swirly snowstorm of radiant color, one of the first customers to use it added it to a wedding photo. It was an elegant touch, with the shimmering pastels picking up the soft colors of the bridesmaids bouquets.

With all the existing wonderful and unique confetti styles that we offer for your Custom Snow Globe, we are excited to see what you will create for that Personalized Snow Globe using these new Cat Confetti, Crushed Ice Confetti and Football confetti styles. So keep sending us those suggestion because you never know when that special confetti will be included in the pallet of confetti choices we offer for that Custom Snow Globe you are designing.

Snow Globe Central
October 28, 2010

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