Best Dog in the World

Despite what your Uncle Jeff told you about his golden retriever buttercup, or some German Shepard who ran into a burning school and saved 27 kindergartners, or a three legged beagle who can balance tennis balls on his nose, I once had the best dog in the world. There you go.

I can prove it, because when I used to ask him "are you the best dog in the world?" my dog would give me a high five. Merlin was cool.

However, I recognize that there are misguided people out there who believe their dogs are pretty cool, too. They must be, because we get tons and tons of requests to immortalize dogs and other pet companions in our snow globes. I'm a softy, I'll admit it. When we get an order in and there is some cute dog, and then the plate has a born and ... final curtain... date on it, I get teary-eyed. Losing a great dog, a funny dog, your best friend forever type of dog is so painful, just hearing about it brings back all those memories I have.

But the notes we get from pet owners put a lot in perspective. "I love my snow globe with Toby in it," one woman writes. "It's on a special place on my dresser with her collar and tags, and every morning, I give it a little shake, watch the glitter swirl around and think about how she would be running in, toenails clicking on my floor to greet me. It's strange, but shaking the snow globe every morning is a little ritual I do to remember her, and it get easier every day to remember the good times and not miss her so much.

Wow. See? This is why we take making snow globes seriously.

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For the record, I put a little cutout of a Frisbee in my dog's snow globe. The truth is, he never caught a Frisbee in his life, he just watched rather bored as I tossed them in his general direction. But I like to shake my snow globe and then let his photograph ignore the Frisbee as it floats past his nose, just as he did in real life.

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September 23, 2009

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