Advertising Snow Globe

You can’t be around snow globes as much as we are and not keep an eye out for collectibles. The boss gets them as gifts and if he ever retires, he could open a museum with his collection of collectible custom snow globes.

One of the oldest is a 2.5” diameter globe and it says “Speckletone Frostone French Paper Co.” Inside the globe is a little plastic figure, maybe a Gendarme, carrying a sheaf of papers marked “FPC.” There are a couple plastic trees and and a plastic factory with a nice plume of white smoke showing how productive they were.

collectible custom advertising water globe

One of the rarest is probably the Enron globe that was made just months before that company vanished. No idea how that corporate snow globe was intended to be used, but it’s got a nicely crafted red “E’ inside.

snow globes used as custom awards for client gifts, promotions, deal toys or milestones

This one, made in Germany, features a circus strong man, but the liquid is slowly evaporating. Due to the unusual glass shape, we aren’t able to repair it, so all we can do is note that in a few years, it will probably be dry.

plastic domes or water domes imported and not made in aerica like our snow globes that are made in america or made in usa

For those who take collecting advertising and antique snow globes to a new level, here are a few of the hundreds of globes he has in the conference room.

collection of snow globes, water globes, water domes and a few collectible disney snow globes


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October 15, 2009

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