Wrap Your Memories in Love and Sparkles

We all have them somewhere, those gorgeous vintage photos in a shoe box or cedar chest. The fading images that show the bright eyes and promise of childhood, the smiles of yesteryear. Don't they deserve better than to be tucked in the dark, unseen?

Give a treasured memory a new look by creating a one of a kind, Custom Snow Globe with Snow Globe Central. You can scan a vintage print yourself, or take it to many photo shops, or photo counters at grocery stores and drug stores, to create a digital file. We will take that digital file, and create, step by step, the perfect Snow Globe to showcase a memory and take it from "nearly forgotten" to unforgettable.

Remember, at Snow Globe Central, YOU are the Snow Globe artist, choosing the base (in this case, a man-made faux stone, fabricated in rich ivory and caramel tones that mimics the rich, elegant tones of alabaster), the sparkles and confetti (including the choice of silver trumpeting angels shown), and whether or not to include a custom engraved metal plate in gold or silver tones. (In our lovely example, the snow globe artist chose to let the picture speak a thousand words, without the optional engraved plate.)

At the holidays, when it's too easy to give a gag gift, or another sweater or tie, remember that  you can capture a memory and make it sparkle again. Not sure which photo your loved one would like to honor? You can also order a gift certificate and let your special person be a Snow Globe artist all their own.

Make your loved one smile with a memory that sparkles with a Custom Snow Globe.

Snow Globe Central
November 25, 2014

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