Wedding Bells are Ringing


If the number of wedding-themed Snow Globes we've made recently is any indication, weddings are UP and people are celebrating in their own unique styles. Just as every couple is different, and every wedding is special, so is every Snow Globe our artisans have made to commemorate the bond of matrimony.

Although we've showcased "romance" for many years, there was a renewed interest in seeing "wedding" Snow Globe designs as its own category, so we've added a new gallery page displaying wedding snow globes.

Whether it's the influence of Will and Kate, we are glad to add this gallery in response to customer requests. We introduced the wedding snow globe gallery. Now, when people ask to see photos of Custom Snow Globes we have done either as wedding favors or unique wedding gifts, we can direct them to the Wedding Gallery where a selection of beautiful handmade Snow Globes is waiting for your viewing pleasure.

What better way to get a great wedding gift ideas then seeing a selection of beautiful Custom Snow globes that have been designed and made for such a beautiful occasion? The ability to see a selection of photos, bases and all the other components to make a personalized wedding gift always helps in getting ideas on what you will want in your Custom Snow globe.

The confetti and sparkle collection for wedding snow globes is particularly pleasing, with several styles of hearts, wedding bells, doves (white or silver), the silhouette of a dancing bride and groom, champagne flute confetti, and silver stars --- all of which can be paired with tiny iridescent micro-sparkles to linger almost as long as the smiles at your reception. By matching the confetti and sparkle choice to your photograph, and selecting a custom-engraved plate for the base with a phrase, date, or names to reflect the happy occasion, you will create a perfect "frame" for your favorite wedding photographs in a Personalized Snow Globe.

Even though we show a selection of some of our favorite Snow Globes with wedding themes, whether the ceremony, the reception, or a combination of engagement and wedding, we still receive requests for unique Snow Globes that match the couple's interests. One Snow Globe we did recently featured a beautiful couple with wedding bells and silver race cars is just one example. Turns out, the bride is a huge Indy 500 fan and they got married the day before the race, so she wouldn't miss it! Her groom had the wedding snow globe made for their one-year anniversary.

We're betting she is going to love it.

View our Snow Globe gallery pages for ideas for Snow Globes that you want to create. 

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May 16, 2011

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