For those who Serve our Country and the Families who love them

"Distance means so little when someone means so much." 

We've been seeing a few snow globes come in with photos of men and women in military uniforms. 
Caring about someone who may be halfway across the world is a bittersweet and tough position, and thousands of people get through it every day. The Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force, National Guard and other branches of service all have people who must get their job done by being away from loved ones, sometimes for long periods of time. 
When we make a custom snow globe with a photo with a military family, it makes us wonder: was this a reunion? a departure? a welcome bit of leave? Is the person still in uniform? Coming home soon?  We'd like to imagine the face of someone who receives the snow globe, carefully designed by a loved one, to bring a smile, and perhaps a tear.
Whatever it was that brought you together for the photo you have chosen to preserve in a custom snow globe, we hope your memories will hold strong until you can be together again. As soon as possible.

Snow Globe Central
October 30, 2011

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