At Snow Globe Central, we take a lot of pride in our work, but we also take a lot of pride in how well we know how to ship a breakable (glass) liquid-filled item that weighs several pounds. When we ship a snow globe, we want it to arrive looking just as pretty as the day it left the nest.

Please speak up if your order arrives in anything other than perfect condition. Our track record for shipping perfect custom snow globes in perfect condition is very good, so we need to know when there's a problem.
If you sense there is a problem, or the outside package appears damaged upon receipt, please do NOT throw away any packaging, it will be needed to demonstrate to the shipper how the snow globe was safely packed. If you want to open the box to see if the water globe inside arrived safely, please take photos if it appears, for example, a truck ran over the box before you received and opened it. 
We use very careful packaging to to be sure your custom snow globe arrives just as you hoped. All snow globes are packed in a custom foam insulation layer, inside a gift box, nestled in bubble wrapped cushion, inside a sturdy outside shipping box. This usually works perfectly.
But if anything arrives with the slightest damage to your custom designed snow globe we ask you to tell us so we can make it right. Please don't be shy to let us know. We understand picky. We expect you to be very picky because you have demonstrated your great taste by ordering one of our custom snow globes.
Thank you.

Snow Globe Central
November 11, 2011

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