Best Dog in the World

Despite what your Uncle Jeff told you about his golden retriever buttercup, or some German Shepard who ran into a burning school and saved 27 kindergartners, or a three legged beagle who can balance tennis balls on his nose, I once had the best dog in the world. There you go. I can prove it, because when I used to ask him "are you the best dog in the world?" my dog would give me a high five. Merlin was cool. However, I recognize that there are misguided people out there who believe their dogs are pretty cool, too. They...

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Blog, Globe, what's the difference?

So, just so you know, in my opinion I pretty much do every thing around here, but the boss thinks that I can do one more thing. “Write a blog,” he says, like it’s the easiest thing in the world. Okay, I am not even sure what a blog is. At first I thought he said “glob” and in some ways that makes sense. This is just a glob of the things I think about while I should be working. Making snow globes, believe it or not.Instead of talking all the time, he thinks it would be more useful if I...

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